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  • 不锈钢扎带-船用扎带-电缆不锈钢捆扎带-金属扎带-乐清市双信电缆附件有限公司






    YueQing Shuangxin Cable Accessories Co.,LTD was established in 2008,is a professional manufacturer of stainless steel cable ties manufacturer. is located to the biggest economic development zone in YueQing city. west is the neighbour of 104 countries routes,south depends on the Wenzhou airport. The amphibious transportation extremely facilitates.

    company mainly produces stainless steel band, Stainless steel marker tie, automobile fastening clip; . Company's products are widely used in shipbuilding, port machinery, automobile, aviation, electric power, communications, electronics, nuclear power, High-speed Rail locomotive and other industries, and by users of the industry acclaim.

    Abiding by the management policy of being market oriented, promoting development with new products and seeking existence with quality, the company will continue to imorove the pooduct quality,provide top grade products and the best service for customers at home and abroad.